I know nothing about government myself, but when it comes to military issues, I believe there are few who could equal me.

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Originally an Ogrehe was uncertain of his servitude and asked for it to be temporary, but after being named, he evolved into a Kijinimmediately becoming Rimuru's most powerful subordinate for the time, and decided to serve him permanently. Soon after, Benimaru was given the position of Commander-in-Chief, giving him direct command over Tempest's military forces. As an Ogre, he had a tall, burly build. He had flame-like lightly wavy crimson hair from which two large jet-black horns protruded.

He has a pair of iconic tear-like red markings that flow down from the bottom of his eyes over his cheeks, which persists throughout all his evolutions. His eyes are incredibly sharp and fierce-looking and has orange-red iris. In the anime, his skin tone has a reddish tint as a sort of color scheme matching his hair, and his canines are large enough to peek out from his mouth.

He wore black clothing with a thick woolen collar, covered by armor matching his color scheme that the Ogre tribe had learned to wear from a human warrior who visited them a couple of centuries ago. He also carried a Japanese-style katana. His hair turned less wavy and more straight and pointy.

His horns also shrunk slightly and became more narrow, glowing more brilliantly than obsidian. His eyes became more laxer, making him look both more confident and laid back at the same time.

Furthermore, his skin tone changed to that of a human, meaning, if his horns and drastically increased aura was hidden, one may not be able to distinguish him from humans at all either. Thanks to Shuna and the team of weavers Goblinas and the DwarvesBenimaru and everyone else received new clothing, weapons, and armor, his being a kimono that turned blood red to match his aura and a new katana.

Benimaru has a carefree personality, that of an excited and confident man. Even so, he is actually really cautious and cunning as well. He has no interest in serving anyone who he doesn't deem worthy, however, he doesn't belittle those weaker than him either. Benimaru felt hesitant when faced with the responsibility to take over the position of the Ogre Tribe village chief.

Thus, he is content with his current position with Rimuru as the Lord he serves. As the military commander, he merely wishes to rampage to his heart's content. Had he become chief, he could not ride off to battle, but now it was different.

He can participate without any concerns. He was originally a very hot-headed person but after taking the role of general of the army under Rimuru he becomes more rational and calm in decision making. They are Benimaru's elite guards having a total of ogres who have endured Hakuro's hellish training and all of them are surpassing A-rank. The captain of the Kurenai is known as "Gobua.

Benimaru used to be the successor-to-be of the Ogre village in the Jura Forest.Benimaru is a young man of average height with neck-long, wavy, black hair [4] that partially covers the front of his face.

His right pupil is a red circle with a black dot in the middle, and his iris is also black; while his left eye has a red iris and a white cross-shaped pupil, [4] reminiscent of the tic-tac-toe game. He normally carries a gloomy facial expression.

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Benimaru's outfit consists of a white t-shirt with a black vest over it, a grey dark-blue in the anime kimono upper-garment that he only wears on his left arm, and the Special Fire Force uniform trousers that he tucks into his black boots.

Previously, he wore black, fingerless gloves and a black jumper, which is wrapped around his waist. When not attending a mission, Benimaru is seen wearing a black t-shirt underneath a black samurai-styled hakamawith a white strap around the waist acting as a belt and black boots. Benimaru is later seen wearing a black shirt underneath a grey dark-blue in the anime kimono upper-garment with the Special Fire Brigade uniform trousers and black boots.

Benimaru is short-tempered, would rather work alone or solely with his brigade, and can be somewhat disrespectful to many of his seniors. Despite this, he has a lot of faith in himself and in his brigade. He doesn't concern himself with any part of Tokyo other than Asakusa, not caring about the rules that the emperor has created, and proudly acts on his own agenda along with his brigade.

He is an honest man, though sometimes honest to the point where he is rude to others. Although Benimaru destroys buildings and houses in Asakusa when facing an Infernal, he is seen as a hero and benevolent by the citizens.

Generally, he is very calm and nonchalant, even while purifying Infernals, but when angered, fights recklessly. He also has a hot-blooded side that takes pride in his skills and yearns for opponents to give him a fight worth his time.

Benimaru is an original country idealist who prefers to be called Shinmon Benimaruand calling others by their family names before their given names. Despite his nonchalant demeanor, Benimaru is quite passionate about the worth of free will and despises the dogmatic faith of the Holy Sol that preaches blind faith over human endeavor and despises the oppressive nature of Gods.

Benimaru was an orphan before being adopted by Hibachi Shinmon who needed an heir. Hibachi taught him everything about the iaido fighting style and all its forms and was a strict master. Constantly belittling Benimaru for being a fool for his inability to use Sun Wheel correctly because of his self-doubt and punishing him whenever he got into a pointless fight.

Benimaru needed Konro Sagamiya to communicate his master's good intentions through of the man's brutish attitude. Even as a boy, Benimaru was a member of the fire department and helped put infernals to rest.

Benimaru is regarded as the strongest Fire Officer in the Special Fire Force[6] and is known as " Asakusa 's King of Destruction " because of the devastating power that he is capable of unleashing.

He is extremely fast, able to outpace Shinra's Rapid technique and counterattack instantly. Benimaru possesses the rare trait of being a Second and Third Generation pyrokinetic, which allows him to ignite his own flames willingly, and also control flames from an external source. He also has a talent for replicating other people's flame techniques and abilities immediately upon contact.

He can use his brigade's matoi as a pole to fly to long-distance areas, [14] and by using his Second Generation ability, he can control the flames of other ignited matoi and direct them to a certain place. Benimaru is a master practitioner of the iaido martial arts. Benimaru somehow survived and rebuffed a dose of poison that would normally kill large animals instantly, it is unknown how he developed this resistance to poison.

Benimaru and his brigade confront a giant infernal that showed up in Asakusa, noting it to be larger than normal, but encouraging his brigade not to be afraid. Soon after, Benimaru and his brigade defeat it.

Benimaru attends the conference of the captain's in central Tokyo along with Konro, representing the 7th brigade. Shinra looks at him with a grin on his face, and Benimaru responds rudely.

As everyone begins to pray while the emperor of Tokyo walks in, Benimaru sits relaxed, feet on the row of chairs in front of him, showing little respect. The discussion begins but before everybody was in agreement of all the Special Fire Brigades working to find the Evangelist, Benimaru speaks out, claiming the 7th Brigade will be acting on their own accord, wanting nothing to do with anything else, and walks out of the room.

Benimaru is seen in his hometown, Asakusa. As he returns to his headquarters after a walk, he is told by Konro that the 8th want to pay a visit, to which Benimaru wants to ignore due to his unconcern with the investigation of the Evangelist, but is soon approached in person by the 8th brigade. Reiterating to the brigade of his disinterest of the investigation of the White-Clad or anything else, he ends up in a disputes with Shinra, but is interrupted by a sudden alert on an appearance of an Infernal, and attends the scene to purify it.

As if nothing happened, he goes back to sitting at his headquarters, and takes a bite of the daifuku, saying it's too sweet.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Edit What would you like to edit? Add to My List.

benimaru slime seiyuu

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THAT TIME I GOT REINCARNATED AS A SLIME Power Level - SPOILER - Anime - Manga - Novel - Anime Level

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken. Add character. Add staff. Add Detailed Info. Tempest, Rimuru Main. Okasaki, Miho Japanese. Karbowski, Brittney English. Aubert, Chloe Supporting. Tadokoro, Azusa Japanese.I'll add your related site down here if you ask. Let's be friends. This site kinda works a lot better with JavaScript enabled. I swear it won't hurt you here! If something is broken or wrong, email me at avac wallhaven. Furukawa, Makoto.

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Akatsuka, Justice Taboo Tattoo. Aura, Shinsanpei Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season.

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Benimaru Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken. Bomuo Oshiete! Chida Charlotte. Ear Vinland Saga. Fujiwara Sakura Quest. Gomon, Masato Animegataris.

benimaru slime seiyuu

Gotou Kimetsu no Yaiba. Gustaf Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi. Higashino, Kotaro Handa-kun. Holmes, Sherlock Yuukoku no Moriarty. Ishiwatari, Takumi Shokugeki no Souma.

29 Benimaru (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) Wallpapers

Kagurazaka, Soushi Tsukipro The Animation. Kakei, Shigou Aldnoah. Katori, Shingo Ahiru no Sora. Kindaichi, Yuutarou Haikyuu!! Second Season. Li, Nataku Hakyuu Houshin Engi. Matsuo, Satoshi Sanrio Danshi. Menhim Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi.

Minatogawa, Sadamatsu Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku. Mitsukuri Durarara!! Murakami, Takuto Hoshiai no Sora. Nikaidou, Yoshiaki Shokugeki no Souma. Ooki, Taiju Dr. Ren Blade Runner: Black Out Saitama One Punch Man. Sakai, Michitaka Kono Oto Tomare! Sohma, Hatsuharu Fruits Basket And that gives me the advantage. My Predaceous instincts will it to be done!

I can analyze and obtain skills even from living creatures, but you, Geld—you can only steal them from their corpses.

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Rimuru, to Orc Disaster Geld. He is one of the Demon Lords of the Octagram. Rimuru initially appears as a blue-bodied Slimebut upon becoming a Demon Slimehis body turns silver with streaks of gold. As a slime, since his body is androgynous, anything he mimics takes on an androgynous form of the respective creatures, while still bearing huge resemblances to the individual creatures as well.

His mass also grew over time, allowing him to accommodate larger mimicry forms without using extra magic to compensate for the additional mass. Towards the beginning of the story, he only has enough mass to appear as a human child, but each time he consumes a foe powerful in relation to his current strength, his size in human form shows a notable increase. In this form, Rimuru possesses blue-silver hair. There are no visible sex characteristics; however, he is often mistaken for a young girl due to the fact that the original form belonged to Shizue Izawa.

But when he wears the anti-magic mask he kept as a memento from Shizu, his speech pattern can also make him seem like a prepubescent boy to others. Unlike Rimuru's other Mimics, his hair changes color to one similar to that of his original slime body. This might be related to Shizu "optimizing" her body for spirit possession by Ifrit for several decades.

benimaru slime seiyuu

Since his slime body is equal in mass to his human form, Rimuru fills this body with solid shape instead of black fog. Without the black fog, there is no additional magic consumption required to maintain the form. There is no discomfort when he assumes this form. If he uses the black fog, he can also assume the form of an adult. His fine motor capabilities improve when he is in his human form, and he finds it easier to move in than his slime form.

Even though it appears to be human, this form has no need for breathing, excretion, and reproductive organs. However, he can freely eat, taste, and drink.

In his human form, he wears a black blue in the Manga and Anime fur coat and a scarf. Under the coat, he wears the kimono and pants that Shuna had made for him. He also wears the steel thread underwear he makes himself. He often wears Shizue's old mask to hide his monster aura. His nails also appear sharper and his overall human form appears slightly older. He has a kind heart and a quirky personality. Even though he is quite laid back and wants to avoid troublesome situations as much as possible, he actually works very diligently when there is a task needed to be taken care of.

With the heart of a hardworking salaryman and a beloved senior co-worker, Rimuru has a hard time rejecting someone if they plead him to help, leading in him often ending up with more work than he can handle, which his boss from his previous life used to reprimand him for.

Being the very Satoru Mikami himself, he also believes himself to be a KY-person Kuuki Yomenai who makes jokes at the wrong time. Rimuru tends to react very severely when there's a danger to his close ones, such as his countrymen, subordinates, possibly due to the soul-link he shares with themgood friends, and students he can't stand children suffering. One might say he overreacts to these cases, but it simply shows how deeply he cares for them, as a stark contrast with his usual cheerful self.

Even Hakuro noted during The Rise of the Demon Lord Arc that Farmas had " angered the one creature in the world that should not be riled. He also has a rather cold side to him which is not shown in the manga and anime, as for example in the version of events where the Goblin Riders instead of Rimuru save Shizu and the adventurer trio from the Giant Ants, Rimuru is much more distrustful towards his guests and when Shizu goes on a rampage, he even suspects that it's all a trap to let his guard down so that the adventurer trio can backstab him.

Rimuru also casually mentions that he'd be able to just kill off his followers if they decide to rebel against him. The greatest flaw of Rimuru's personality are his anxiousness issues that are present in all three media. After the Orc Disaster was defeated, Rimuru seemed sure that the Kijin wouldn't follow him afterwards and he was immensely surprised when they did.

Benimaru Shinmon

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